The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra

     This article is ready the lively tv series. For the video game, see The Legend of Korra (online game).

    The Legend of Korra is an lively American tv collection set in the Avatar universe as a sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The top of the line episode aired on Nickelodeon on April 14, 2012. However, the first two episodes were released online on March 24–25, 2012[7] and had been to be had in excessive-definition without cost on iTunes. The series ran for fifty-two episodes, completing its run on December 19, 2014.
    The series choices up seventy years after the stop of the Avatar: The Last Airbender story arc with ultra-modern characters and settings.[3] The protagonist of the brand new collection, Korra, the Avatar after Aang, is a warm-headed and rebellious younger female from the Southern Water Tribe who's "ready to tackle the sector".[8] The series follows Korra as she faces the tough challenges, responsibilities, and responsibilities that come with being the Avatar.

    Book One: Air (气)

    After the belief of the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko had introduced human beings from the four countries collectively and founded the United Republic of Nations, with its capital being Republic City, a large "town powered by steampunk-type technology" which include vehicles and motorcycles.[9] Aang and Katara had three youngsters, the youngest of which turned into Tenzin, the only airbender of the 3 siblings. Meanwhile, Toph Beifong had traveled considerably to teach metalbending to different earthbenders. After Aang's death in 153 AG, he was reincarnated as a Southern Water Tribe woman named Korra.

    At the existing time, seventy years after the give up of the Hundred Year War, Korra, a rebellious, seventeen-yr-old woman, is set to finish her airbending training and fulfill her position because the Avatar.[3][8] She has already mastered waterbending, earthbending, and firebending by means of this point. At the beginning of the collection, Korra travels to Republic City and starts offevolved her airbending education with Tenzin.[9][10] Tenzin himself is married to Pema. He has two daughters, Jinora, a "bookworm", and Ikki, a "motor-mouth", whilst Meelo, his first son, was his only son till the tenth episode, "Turning the Tides", whilst Pema gave delivery to every other boy named Rohan.[11]

    However, Republic City isn't what Korra imagined it to be. Anti-benders called "Equalists", who oppose the humanities of bending, utilize strategies including chi blockading to further their dreams of revolution, led through Amon.[9] Korra must combat rampant crime and the Anti-bending Revolution, assisted by using  brothers, Mako, a firebender, and Bolin, an earthbender. She is likewise joined by way of her animal accomplice, Naga, and the Republic City Police Force, who are led by Toph's daughter, Lin Beifong.[11]

    Book Two: Spirits (神靈)

    Six months after the activities of the Anti-bending Revolution, Korra, having discovered to bend all four elements and completed popularity as a Fully Realized Avatar, ought to over again turn out to be the student while she delves into the area of spirits underneath her paternal uncle's teachings and tutelage. Now learning the depths of her non secular connections, Korra soon discovers that light can't exist with out the dark, and in a never finishing cycle of advent and destruction, best she has the ability to keep stability within the world.

    Book Three: Change (易)

    With a shift in the international's strength because of Harmonic Convergence, the capacity to airbend has resurfaced in a few nonbenders, prompting Korra and her allies to scour the Earth Kingdom in look for those new benders to provide schooling and steerage. However, whilst the Air Nation is slowly being rebuilt, Zaheer and his fellow Red Lotus accomplices escape their respective prisons and got down to carry all of the international locations down and succumb the world into anarchy. Their notion that ailment is the herbal order poses a lethal hazard to Korra and she ought to combat to shop no longer only the stability of the nations inside the world, but additionally herself and the Avatar Cycle.

    Book Four: Balance (平衡)

    Following the rebel of the Red Lotus, Korra left to the Southern Water Tribe to get better and Team Avatar moved on with their lives. Three years later, in 174 AG, the former captain of Zaofu's shield, Kuvira, has been visiting the Earth Kingdom with Bolin, Varrick, and her fiancée, Baatar Jr., on a quest to reunite the country after it fell into disarray following Queen Hou-Ting's dying. When she become supposed to relinquish manage to the newly crowned Earth King Wu, she denounced his authority and appointed herself the ruler of the Earth Empire. Meanwhile, Korra managed to heal physically, although she continues to be facing an emotional block caused by residual lines of mercury. With issues coming to the Earth Kingdom, Team Avatar divided, and the Avatar's whereabouts unknown, the look for stability starts anew.

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